Saturday, July 9, 2011

HCG Week 1 Re-Cap

When deciding to go on the HCG diet, I read lots of research (pro and con HCG) before moving forward. Medical weight loss clinics offer the diet along with doctor instruction and over-sight for a pretty hefty fee.  However, being a nurse, I decided to go it on my own.
I also decided to stray slightly from the original protocol (Dr. Simeons) and follow some of Dr. Abbott's plan (The Owl Diet).  
Here is an over-view:
-injections are done daily and not skipped at all (Simeons protocol said to hold injections once a week and during the time of the month)
-I am on a continuous round (no 43 day rounds with breaks between them) until I lose the amount of weight desired
-500 calories per day (the HCG is to release 3,500 calories or 1 pound of stored fat daily, this is where the rest of the caloric "fuel" is coming from)
-2 liters of fluids a day (water, tea, crystal light, Mio, and coffee-black)
-20 minutes of low impact exercise a day
-per the OWL diet may add in additional fruit and vegetables that Simeons did not allow (mushrooms, peppers, blueberries, melon, squash, cauliflower)
-I am adding in sugar free jello (10 cals) and sugar free cool whip  (15 cals) as a treat because I feel depriving myself of all sweet things will be too much and lead to cheating

So, even though I am not giving a starting weight, I will at least report my week one total loss which is 9.5lbs.  I feel this is an excellent start, but realize some of this is water weight.  I will not expect such grand losses each week, but to at least remain consistent with a 0.5lb loss per day would be ideal.

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