Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weeks 15-18 Re-Cap!

I am waaaayyyyy behind on posts! Lots has been going on since my last post.  The scale and tape measure are still showing losses, so I am a happy girl.
I was just 3lbs shy of my 60lb goal when I went home last week.  I was a little disappointed, but losing the amount of weight I did was still reason to celebrate enough! The trip was good.  I loved seeing family and friends and being able to cheat just a little while home.  However, I am right back on track so I can keep up with reaching my next goal by the end of the year (100 lbs! eek!).
This is day 129 on the diet.  I have lost 79 inches and 60lbs. 
People are really starting to take notice now.  I had two physicians tell me they could really tell I had lost a substantial amount of weight.  One even called me skinny!
I think once I hit my main goal, I will see it and feel it.  I do have to admit that putting on my costume for the party last weekend was the first time I realized I am smaller than I was  when I started this transformation in July.
The positive reinforcement and buying smaller and smaller sizes is awesome motivation.  In order to be at my ideal weight, once I lose the next 40lbs, I will have another 22lbs to lose.  Depending on how I look and feel will determine if I push through to the next goal.   I still have a ways to go until though!