Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picky Eater Beware!!!

Since we are trying to introduce new foods to Landon that are school lunch friendly, I have done a little research. Long gone are the days of PB&J with the crust cut off. Kids now have peanut allergies and peanut butter is a banned substance.
So off in search of other replacements for chicken nuggets since that seems to be most of what Landon's diet consists of.
I found a blog that had an item on it I just had to try called Mochi. No, it is not some coffee creation at Starbucks (but, who doesn't love Starbucks? I digress). Mochi is made of brown rice and puffs when baked. We got the plain brown rice Mochi and the cinnamon raisin. I made some last night. They are chewy and golden and pretty good. Since Landon loves pizza and they make a pizza flavor, I am in search of it! These little bites are full of goodness!!!

Saving $$$$

A few posts back I showed how to freeze cubes of pureed fruits/veggies for baby food. While Shopping at Whole Foods yesterday I did a little research. Whole Foods carries frozen baby food cubes. 6 of them for $7.49. WOW!!!!! So glad I make my own. I buy a bag of frozen peas (for example) for $1.19 (a large bag at that). I can fill 6 ice cube trays, if not more, with peas alone. Now, I am terrible at math but even I can tell when I saved some dough!

Here is Lou loving her blueberries I made for her! Sorry it is blurry she was laughing when I took this!