Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 9 Re-Cap!

In this diet, consistency has to remain the focus.  Some weeks losses will be greater than others.  However, consistency means you are doing something right!  So I guess, if nothing else, I am consistent.
Another 3lbs down this week! I am 2lbs shy of 40lbs lost now! I have 52 days until the Memphis trip. I have been on the diet for 59 days now.
I have started ordering pieces of my costume and am getting pretty excited! The wig came in this week.  Next week I will be ordering the costume (since it is custom, I need to make sure I give plenty of time).
I am looking forward to buying some smaller fall clothing for the trip as well, but won't do that until right before I leave town. 
Since the beginning of phase two, which is day number 44 and beyond, I have lost about 1/2 per day.  This makes about about 8lbs lost in 16 days.  So I did some math, which if people know me at all, I hate math and cannot do it in my head! So trusty calculator in hand I figured I had 16 days x 3 which =48 days.  with my current track record of the 8lb in 16 days I should be able to lose 24 lbs.  That will bring me exactly to my goal of 60lbs lost right before I depart for Memphis!

Now to just remain consistent for the next 48-52 days!!!  Depending on time, I might have a few more recipes to share this week.  It has been really busy with work, home, Nic & Lou designs, and now I am starting back up on the baking side of things as well!