Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 6 Re-Cap or the End of Round 1!

43 Days are complete! I feel better already! I have more energy and don't dread getting on the scale near as much.  My journey is far from over though!
Down another 5lbs this week! That is a total of 27.5lbs lost.  I have lost over 38 inches from neck to ankles as well.
We are having ceviche tonight. I look forward to it! HCG recipe to come soon.  Don't worry this can be made with cooked scallops if you are fearful of raw fish.  I happen to love raw fish, so no fear from me!!! 

As I have mentioned I have mini goals set along the way.  My next is set for October 28th (about 73 days away I think).  I hope to have lost another 23lbs by then to get my total of 50lbs lost.  I would love it to see an even larger amount lost by then though .  I have purchased my ticket, found my costume (waiting for a bit to order to get an even smaller size!), and have lots of plans with family and friends!!!!

I say it is the end of round 1 because a typical round on the Simeon's protocol is 43 days.  I am not stopping here however.  I am going to follow the OWL plan and continue on my plan without any breaks.  Rogue, I know.  But it is working for me.  I don't feel any immunity, so I am pressing forward!

On to round two and another 43 days! Have a great week!