Saturday, July 9, 2011

HCG Tips and Tools of the Trade

In order to prepare foods properly for the HCG diet, you first need to plan! Meal/menu planning sets you up for success.  There is no guessing or estimating when you exactly what you are putting into your mouth and how much.
So what is needed to meal plan?

1. Food scale-measure out all portions of meat, chicken, seafood and place in freezer safe bags before freezing. A portion of meat is 100gm=3.5oz.  Take out meat the night before or morning of the planned meals to thaw in the fridge. That way your meal is waiting on you to prepare it!
2. Make sure you have measuring spoons and cups available to measure vinegars, veggies, etc...It is not recommended to eyeball servings.
3. Use a computer program, spreadsheet, or the handy phone apps to track and plan your meals and calories.  Staying within the 500 calories (Simeons) or 700 calories (OWL diet) is much easier when you can calculate and track your daily totals.
4. Non-stick small skillet (think omelet size).  Since you are not using oils or butters, the non-stick skillet is a great cooking tool!
5. Switch to smaller plates and bowls.  I know this is an age old trick, but it does fool the eye and psychologically helps when eating such smaller portions.
6. Season your food! We eat with our eyes first. If food is bland, it is unappealing to look at and really not that appealing to eat either! Think fresh and dried herbs, dried chili flake, pepper, and salt free seasonings.
7.  When grocery shopping, stick to the perimeter of the store.  There is hardly anything needed from the interior isles (except seasonings). This limits temptations!

I am sure there are other tips, tricks, and tools of the trade for the HCG plan (and healthier eating in general).  I will more than likely post some more of these at another time!


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