Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 12 Re-Cap! Also end of round #2!

I have successfully completed two 43 day rounds on the HCG diet.  Today is day #87.  Thus far have lost 44lbs and 61.25inches.  I made up for the stall last week and then some! I lost 4.5inches this week alone.  Exciting stuff to still see the scale move and the measuring tape get smaller.

The count down to Memphis is on as tomorrow is the 30 day mark! I am really looking forward to seeing family and friends.  I still another 16lbs to go.  I am participating in a breast cancer 5k in October and looking forward to breaking in my Vibram Sprint barefoot shoes that I got for a steal on Amazon for only 44 dollars and some change with shipping! They will be here Tuesday!

Other than that, the next big deal is confirming my measurements for my custom costume I have already ordered.  I have another 2 inches to lose to be in the size I want.  So I am hoping to see those last 2 inches leave this week in preparation for the final "weigh-in" prior to ordering!

Here goes nothing.....

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