Thursday, August 11, 2011


I miss pizza.  When pregnant with Lou I craved it constantly! So on this diet, I sometimes miss it!

I cannot take all the credit for this one.  Hungry Girl has a recipe that is similar called pizza-fied chicken (Cooking Channel or Food Network).  Her version is 280 calories and like 6 grams of fat.  I think I can do a little better and modify it to meet the OWL plan at least.

This really won't be Simeon's protocol compliant.  So a little rogue in terms of the HCG world.  There again, this is trial and error.  What may work for one person, may make another gain.  I still think the first time around on whatever HCG plan you follow, you should stick to it strictly.  The second and subsequent rounds I think experimenting helps to keep you on track and stave off boredom!

-3.5oz or 100gm chicken breast (either pounded out thin or a cutlet)-140 calories
*larger surface area not only takes less time to cook but fools the eye as the piece looks much larger
-1/8-1/4 cup of no salt added tomato sauce-10 to 20 calories
-1-2 tbsp of no salt added tomato paste-15 to 30 calories
-1oz of chopped and sauteed onion-11.5 calories
-turkey pepperoni-4 calories per slice (5 slices cut into 4th's)
*pepperoni is optional
-you may add another veggie choice, like bell pepper, mushroom, broccoli,
-1 slice fat free swiss cheese-25 calories
-1-2 tsp Italian seasoning or Ms. Dash Tomato Basil seasoning

Sautee chicken, mix italian seasoning with tomato sauce and paste.  Put over chicken breast, add cooked veggies of choice and pepperoni in the skillet.  Cover the chicken with the slice of cheese cut into strips. 
Either place lid on the skillet or into a warm over to melt cheese.

the chicken is the protein replacement for a carb heavy crust.  Kind of like pizza or kind of like chicken parmesean.

Sounds pretty yummy! I am making this tonight!
The total calories excluding the optional veggie is 235.  I know the fat is around 3-4 grams.  Still for dinner, it is balanced and should kill that craving for pizza...I hope!

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