Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Omelet and "Toast"

As I have recently mentioned, I am a little tired of the meat options on the HCG diet. Though not a standard on the Simeons protocol, it is nice to have a meatless option at least once a week.
I have found the egg beaters (egg substitute) to be a good protein option.  I use the southwestern flavor and can make a ginormous omelet for 120 calories plus fat free cheese (1/4 cup=45 calories), and topped with salsa (2 tbsp-15 calories).  The meal is balanced and only 180 calories!

I admit, I miss carbs....sometimes.  I have found a replacement for toast and it is these Rice Thin cakes (3 cakes=55 calories) from Whole Foods.  I spread a powdered peanut butter from Bell Plantation called PB2 on them.  It is 45 calories for 2 tbsp mixed with water. I then top the PB2 with a little Polaner Sugar Free + Fiber Strawberry Preserves (1 tbsp=10 calories).  I never use a tbsp, probably just a tsp or 2 of the preserves.
This creation takes the place of bread and fat laden peanut butter.  

Of course, these recipes are totally rogue and do not follow the guidelines of Simeons or the OWL plan.  However, since this is the second time doing this diet, I know a little more about what works for me. 

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