Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toddler Eats that You Will Like Too!=Bite

*Sorry it has been a while. Mommy (me) has been sick and unable to cook. Luckily my mom and my husband's mom lended a helping hand while I was under the weather.

A new fav site of mine has to be
We love trying out new and quick recipes that maybe Landon will eat too.
Quesadillas are a quick fix dinner and the left-overs make a good lunch the next day with soup for mom!
Two recipes we have found lately:
Avocado and Cheese Quesadillas And Apple and Cheese Quesadillas

For the Avocado and Cheese
-You can use flour, corn, or the flavored tortillas-burrito size. (One tortilla in half is like a lunch portion and two tortillas one on top of the other is like a dinner portion)
-Just thinly slice an avocado and add as many or as few slices to your taste
-Sprinkle with 1/4 cup shredded cheese, we like the mexican 4 cheese blend
-I add some freshly ground black pepper to mine as well
-either fold over the tortilla or place another on top and heat like the directions below!

Directions for cooking both types of quesadillas:
Using either a quesadilla maker (too cool, we love ours!) or a large enough skillet to accomodate the tortilla and some cooking spray so it doesn't stick; heat the quesadilla until golden brown and the cheese melted through. Make sure to flip if using the skillet method. Watch them carefully so the cheese doesn't all ooze out though! If making multiple quesadillas, turn the oven on to 170 degrees to keep the quesadillas warm and crisp!

For the Apple and Cheese
- I like the multi-grain or wheat tortillas for this the best. It imparts a nutty flavor when heated.
- You can use thinly sliced cored red delicious apples (like paper thin) or applesauce. I liked the applesauce because you just spread like a 1/2-1 teaspoon on the tortilla.
-sprinkle with shredded cheese, we like a white cheese like a pizza blend for this mild quesadilla
-drizzle with 1/4 teaspoon of honey
-either fold over or top with another tortilla and heat like the directions above!

I gave this a BITE for the slight variations I made with tortilla types, cheeses, and the addition of spices. Give it try. I think you will see on a night or afternoon when you just aren't in the mood for a heavy meal, these hit the spot!

Not only are they good, you are sneaking in highly nutrient ingredients. Avocados are full of those good fats that kids and adults need more of (in moderation of course). If your little ones don't care for fruit, the apple and cheese quesadillas will at least sneak in some fruit in a clever, cheesy package!

Try the Progresso Zesty Southwestern Style Veggie Soup with two pieces of quesadilla for lunch! It is filling and half a can (a serving of soup) is zero weight watchers points (if you follow that). Otherwise, the soup is 60 calories and 0.5gm of fat! Yummy!


Ashlee said...

Both of these sound Yummy!!! Matt and I like quesadillas!! Thanks for following my blog! See you at church!

Scott and Jenn said...

Thanks so much! I was wondering what to fix at my next play group... now I know!

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