Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I like to cook. Some people...not so much. So what I do is take a recipe (from books, foodtv, web sites-all of which will be given credit!), test it, tweak it, and rate it for those who like the no muss, no fuss approach to figuring out what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I also will offer tips along the way for preparing meals for a crowd, sneaky nutrition for kids meals like carrot mac n' cheese (and if my 4 year old ate it!), preparing homemade baby food (saves you $$), and many others!

Looking at the time I have and how often I can give my words of wisdom (having been there and cooked that), I will share a new recipe with my test, tweaks, tips, and rating once a week. Sooner, if time stands still.

So the way this will work is each week I will share a recipe I have tested. If I feel that no tweaking was needed I will give it an "apple" rating. If I made changes (due to taste, not having the needed ingredient handy, etc), I will give it a "bite". If I tested it and I felt it was not worth my time to make or didn't care for it, I will say it was "rotten" (harsh, I know, but it goes with the theme).

How bout them apples???

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