Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gadgets-Everyone should have this!

Being a "food snob" (as a co-worker calls me), I like my gadgets. I like spatulas, scoops, knives, wisks, etc...
One of my go-to tools is the ice cream scoop. Not just the regular size though, the mini one. The scoop is not just for ice cream though. It makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie (round, uniform, and all the same size). It is the perfect scoop for mini-muffin tins. And, as mentioned in the Oreo Truffle Recipe, makes pretty uniform truffles too!
I got mine at the William Sonoma Outlet (we are lucky to have this in Memphis!). It is spring loaded, stainless steel, and very durable! These mini scoops are available almost anywhere you can get a kitchen gadget.
Pick one up, I am sure you can find a use I haven't thought of yet! If you do, please share it!

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